This Week in Astrology — Full Moon in Gemini

Awakening you to the Archetypal Movement during the week ahead.  The purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the energy available astrologically, for the purpose of spiritual and personal development.

On December 3rd, 2017 the Moon in Gemini will be opposed the Sun in Sagitarrius both planets square the planet Neptune in the constellation of Pisces.  Creating a sense of tragedy or comedy, depending on the perspective and understanding of the individual.  This will occur 8 hours after Mercury stations retrograde, conjunct Saturn signifying a reward or discipline awarded to an individual.  Depending on the houses that this happens in your chart.

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The Sun is in a fire sign, Sagittarius where it is comfortable being fire and creating more fire.  The Moon in Gemini can be the balance of just the right amount of air and moisture to maintain the fire or if unchecked could blow the flame completely out, forcing one to create from scratch all over again.  This is the energy we are dealing with during this Full Moon.  Understanding the why is important during this full moon transit.  If we are moving through life unconsciously, meaning we have no actual why then this full moon will be a powerful time of awakening.  If we choose not to make emotional adjustments to rectify this unconscious behavior, then we will undoubtedly see discord.  Understanding and living through one’s personal truths are paramount during this time.

This Sun and Moon fall on the 11th degree of Sagittarius and Gemini,  Neptune is at 11 degrees Pisces and Jupiter are at 11 degrees in Scorpio.  All of these 11’s at one time signifies a portal or gateway, a point of transcendence.  Jupiter in Scorpio is trine Neptune in Pisces activating the illumination of deeper truths of your existence.  This may mean comforts and support externally, or this may mean an inner contentment and satisfaction in the knowledge of your truth.  You tend to see the world fully now and this could be that the truth of a situation, relationship, or decision may be hurtful.  We must learn to accept the differences in this world, as opposed to viewing differences as things that need to be eliminated, this point of view only causes more strife.

Understanding this full moon is understanding the lesson of duality, like and unlike being one, as above/so below, etc….  When we actively oppose a situation then we are only making it worse, only when we accept the opposition then can we start to find balance and peace within.  Depending on the houses that correspond to this full moon will determine the illusions in your life that must be overcome and revealed.  So the lies, deception, misinformation, loss, and disappointment is an indication, not an aberration of what needs to be done to correct those illusions in your life that will allow you to transition over into a mode of freedom.

Full Moons are the most powerful astrological transit, combined with a Mercury Retrograde conjunct Saturn, Squared Neptune brings about powerful energy shift in consciousness and physical situations.   Saturn is there making sure you are not giving into the pressure of outside forces and is also there to reward you or remind you that you shouldn’t live for the purpose of making other people happy.  The discipline that Saturn brings is not necessarily bad, it is actually a form of protection for ourselves and our capacity to make bad decisions.  One should be focusing on one’s spiritual truth above all things, but the reality is that people do not fully understand the magnitude of rejecting their spiritual reality and the subsequent consequences.

We prepare for this full moon with the transit of Mars in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries.  The question arises in the form of can we act on our higher spiritual principles(Uranus in Aries) or just simply acting on our ego’s impulse actions (Mars in Libra).  This is a shadow zone, where our fears are projected in situations, people, or occurrences.  You may have to deal with impossible people or situations, the understanding is realizing that you are projecting.  Uranus is the great awakener, so it generally brings with it changes, no matter how comfortable the ego is with those subsequent changes.   You may be on the attack or people may be on the attack for you, understanding the projection, one will immediately alleviate the problem.

8 hours before this full moon starts Mercury conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius stations Retrograde.  Realizing that your own personal beliefs are the main thing oppressing you, is a hard thing to digest and accept.  Those who seek truth have learned to keep persisting no matter the obstacle, there is no obstacle that can not be overcome, you wouldn’t know that if you were taught to give up at any challenge or obstacle.  Mercury representing our mind is ahead of us in Sagittarius, as it retrogrades it comes back and gives us the insight it has gathered ahead of us.  This information is new, and it can sometimes be overwhelming.  One must take the time out to listen to ourselves and take serious one’s visions, dreams, and inner truth.  Being caught up in what everybody else has to say will not serve you.  Pay attention to the “crazy” person, they may have the most to say during this time.  If society or the media is branding someone as crazy or misinformed, you may want to listen to that.  Mercury retrograde is new information, new information sounds crazy because you never heard it before, it’s not actually crazy.


This Week in Astrology – New Moon in Cancer

Awakening you to the Archetypal Movement during the week ahead.  The purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the energy available astrologically, for the purpose of spiritual and personal development.

Sun oppose Saturn 

Sun in Gemini Saturn in Sagittarius are different manifestations of the same thing

all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.  requires learning how to maintain balance, focus, and detachment from the distractions of the material world.  The interplay of Air and Fire how the wind whips through the fire to actually kindle fire needs boundaries (saturn in Sagitarrius)The sun in Gemini will blow a gust of wind now, if your fire is weak there is a possibility that your fire will be blown out during this opposition.  Hopefully your fire is strong and contained enough to not get blown out.  The wind is the local, closer force  The fire is your long term evolution, your immediate reality and your evolution will be in direct opposition .  Lets realize that they are one in the same but it takes work to see it that way.  You deal with this energy if you connect the dots.  Understand your present reality is changing (sun in gemini) and aligning with your future reality (saturn in saggitarius)
Life is a river. Instead of clinging on to a rock let go and become part of the water. Find the still point within and live from that point and by doing that our hopes and dreams come closer.
The Lovers can mean that someone should be honest, make a clear decision for this love, the fulfilling of a wish, of a desire, and stand by it. Apart from this, the Lovers can say that a peaceful combination of existing contrasts or contradictions is a better solution than any confrontation – diplomacy instead of war.

Neptune goes retrograde  june 16 to november 22

Neptune is a slow moving planet. The themes of this Retrograde is letting go of fear, understanding the depths of you, and your truths.  Your fantasies are being unraveled, some pains that are too harmful to deal with so we escape through drugs, sex, etc…its a good time to fall back from drug use and escapism so you can really start to address and heal from pain.  The conjunction of the moon brings about levels of sensitivity that we must act on or suffer the consequences in this life we cant be too sure also this is another set up for the solar eclipse in august

Summer Solstice begins when the sun enters Cancer June 21st

Highlighting the focus on homes, security and family.  With the Sun being conjunct Mercury your state of mind will be the theme heading into this summer, there will be so many distractions outside of you that will not align with your reality, so it comes a time to make a decision based on what you know, not based on what you see.  With mercury squaring Uranus, the challenge will be are you channeling your divine mind or are you channelling your thoughts from what you see, what you see will almost be misleading


New Moon June 23rd 10:23 PM New Moon in Cancer Conjunct Mercury and Mars

New moon is a time for setting intentions, in the realm of home, family, and security. So where do you see your home life, what changes and improvements are you planning on implementing and using this summer solstice and new moon energy.  We can project our energy and mold life to our desires with this stellium of conjunction energy, We can see how when we channel our thoughts and speak our truths we will be heard. This is definitely a time to put into works new plans and projects, it is definitely go time.  Understand and research the energy of prosperity and work with this particular energy moving forward.  We may be entering unknown terrain and based on distractions this brings about fear but it is also a time to connect to our divine mind and accept the gifts being bestowed upon us.  Dealing with the energy of home, security, and family.


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Peace & Calm


Queen of Swords (The Womb)

The Queen of Swords is highlighting the mental and emotional aspect.  When you see this card, it is saying that freedom is in the mind. So if you paid attention to my Gnosis Series, then you would understand that thought is not limited to the physical body, neither are your emotions.  So if you want independence and freedom, but mentally you feel it is impossible, you don’t see an out, you can use this card as a reminder. That thought is free and independent but if you subject thoughts simply to the physical body, you are limiting yourself.

With the Full Moon approaching there will be a great balancing in Mental and Emotional energies.  With that we should develop our own will, and use our own passions to get what we want and need.  The will and the passions will come from a Centered place if you allow To realign your thoughts and your emotions. Combine the Queen of Swords with the Queen of Wands for the Full Picture.

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