777 Chakra Workshop — The Vishuddha Chakra (Throat Chakra)

The Vishuddha Chakra or better known as the Throat Chakra is fifth of the seven primary Chakras in Hindu Tantric thought.  Translated in Sanskrit as “especially pure”, meaning you and God are indivisible.

In the Anahata Chakra we recognized the God within, in the Vishuddha Chakra the God within recognizes us.  The contemplation is abstract and the results are a matter of fact.  A place where creativity and the self are expressed in truth.  A place where our negative experiences and feelings are transformed into lessons learned and wisdom gained.  A balanced Vishuddha Chakra is what one would call success in life, an inactive Chakra is what one would call failure.  Guilt and Shame are the main contributors to the closing of this chakra.  One must rise above the Ego’s limitations to reach the point of access to the Akashic Records.  To receive the messages from the higher self one must put themselves in the position to listen.  Aligning yourself with the 5th chakra is aligning you with the etheric realms. which is aligning you with the mind of God.  To reach this alignment one must detach from their personal experiences.   Thus far on this journey of the Chakras, you have been contemplating on the God in You, in the Vishuddha Chakra, the God in you contemplates you.  Like sandpaper, the journey of the Chakras can be a little coarse at the beginning but as you ascend to the Throat Chakra the material becomes very fine.  In the Vishuddha Chakra, your energy you put forth is more powerful than the energy already present in the universe.  No one is against you and if there is, it is you.  Translating the abstract and saying the right thing at the right time is a result of a balanced Throat Chakra.  The abstract or ethereal realm is not unknown, it is simply beyond reason.  When one ascends into the Vishuddha Chakra one is attuned to the higher realms of knowledge.  Information goes from abstract to known in the Vishuddha Chakra.  The element of the Vishuddha Chakra is Ether or the Quintessence, this controls the areas above terrestrial life, literally the air the Gods breathe.  In this position, you think like a God.  This energy has no particular form, so in this world, it shows up as abstract.  The Vishuddha chakra is living with the knowledge of that fact.  The Throat Chakra is your voice, your voice is the base of all your projections.  What you say or don’t say is the difference between success and failure.  A balanced Vishuddha Chakra gives us the ability to say the right thing at the right time and also how to listen attentively.  Although it is located in the throat, this chakra controls one’s ability to hear.  You may need to hear that crucial detail that puts you over the top if one is preoccupied with self-talk, one won’t be able to access its intuition.  Intuition has a lot to do with the Vishuddha Chakra and spirituality in general, the ability to listen and hear the God within.  You are always in control of your voice, meaning you are always connected to the source, the trouble is in realizing this connection.  Opening and balancing the Vishuddha Chakra gives you power over your voice.  In the Vishuddha Chakra, your psychic nature is evident, your reality is a mirror to your inner world.  No longer can one say “He is a jerk”, one has to say “Why am I creating this jerk”, and make the necessary adjustment.  Life is what you say it is.  Listening to our inner voice without hesitation or distraction will lead us to our best results, this is abstract.  You realize that intuition is life just as much as your habitual terrestrial nature.  Our source is the inner Ethereal and auric energies.  From this point we find our true purpose in life.


2 of Disks — The Darkside of Destiny

Psalm 139:12

even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.

Too often we rely on things being one way.  When in reality things are constantly changing. Chaos surrounds us while we strive for some type of normalcy.  One must simultaneously enjoy the glass and know the glass will fall and shatter one day. If we neglect the dark and darkness falls upon us, we will be blind.  If we obtain light in preparation of darkness when light is abundant, nightfall will be nothing but a formality.  The key to grasping the 2 of Disks(Pentacles, Coins) is to be present and aware of your destiny simultaneously.  Faith and Trust in your inner voice of truth will open you up to your souls purpose.  The external is a simple illusion, alluding to your awareness of your inner voice.  Ignore it = Peril  Listen = success and your wildest dreams will come true.  What you focus on grows. Let us continue to be present and aware of the cycles of life.  Let us prepare for the best life has to offer.  The worst is behind us.  Carry Light into the darkness to illuminate your path.  That is the only way to salvation. That is all for now.

Peace & Calm


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The Fool — The science of new beginnings.


There are times when we require change, but we are stuck in past thoughts, causing us to recreate undesirable circumstances.  The truth is, we don’t know how to change. How do we manifest a truly new beginning. Without the fears of the past coming back and ruining that what we thought was new.

We must become THE FOOL.

In order for us to experience change we have to allow change to exist. Over time we have been taught not to follow our instincts and not trust the unknown. We no longer investigate the mysteries of life because we supposedly have all the answers.  As opposed to being open and unbiased when we take our daily journey, maybe today won’t be so ordinary, when things happen that we don’t want to happen, can we search for the reason why it happened? Remember unbiased. We don’t know the future and THE FOOL is here to remind us this.
THE FOOL represents that chaotic creative spark, your original potential materialized. Once you engage with the FOOL you are engaging with your limitless possibilities, you are now travelling on a road you have never travelled.
The Fool would be seen when one desperately needs to change or needs a change. But not ready to let go of that which hurts them. The Fool is reminding you to let it go and be naive to the pains of the past. And curious about the joys of the future.  This is the most perfect state one can be in because one is now face to face with ones most perfect spirit. THE FOOL.

That is all for now.
Peace & Calm