777 Chakra Workshop — Crown Chakra


The Sahasrara Chakra or better known as the Crown Chakra is the last of the seven primary Chakras in Hindu Tantric thought.  Translated in Sanskrit as “thousand petaled lotus”.

The Sahasrara Chakra is a purely philosophical concept of yourself.  It is the realization of being completely obsolete and what it truly means.  It has no substance, it is above all experience, it is called Nirvana.  Nirvana is just the feeling of being quenched or a flame being blown out, completeness or satisfaction.  When one is complete with the world and has nothing else to prove only then can one reach a balanced Crown Chakra.  We are accessing our supramental consciousness, our consciousness that is well above our normal thought,  this is a form of pure consciousness.  The Sahasrara Chakra is the origin of all other chakras, tapping into this energy represents a form of married life, between you and the Self.  An understanding that there is no separation between you and the Self (Soul, God within).  The pure consciousness of you is conceptual, meaning it is abstract, meaning it only exists as an idea, the pure You is not real at all.

“Intuition does not denote something contrary to reason, but something outside of the province of reason.”

“Intuition (is) perception via the unconscious.”

— Carl Jung

The Crown Chakra is located on the top of our head is our direct connection to the collective unconscious.  Every thought, idea, concept exists within the collective unconscious.  The Crown Chakra is the channel to this unconscious information without effort.  It gives us access to higher states of consciousness and we open up to our perceptions beyond our personal line of sight and vision.

If the Ajna Chakra is the marriage or the union of the Soul and the Self then the Sahasrara Chakra is the actual marriage life, how we proceed as a whole person.  We begin to understand ourselves as a whole person, not as a slave to this physical life.  It does not mean we withdraw from physical life, it means we enjoy physical life fully, as God in Man.


The Ego is removed from the Inner World and our unconscious motivators.  Once we elevate our consciousness from the Ego, we have an objective view of ourselves and what motivates us.  We remove the destructive motivators and enhance that which is within us that makes us enjoy life.  Up until this point, one may feel as though we want to change but there is something inside of us that does not want to change.  That is the Ego, the Ego does not have any consciousness outside of the outer world and it is fixated on building sandcastles in a rainstorm.  In the Crown Chakra, we are fixated on our inner world and being completely in the moment.  As we discussed the outer world is completely illusionary and conceptual, no different from the inner world.  This world is made for us to create it how we see fit, the creation of the world begins with the inside and ends on the inside.  If we are preoccupied with the outer world, then we are at the mercy of external events.  When we live in the inner world, Crown Chakra, we are at the mercy of our personal perception, and we also realize that we are in control of that perception.


Keeping it Conscious Episode 3 (The Persona and The Shadow)

The Persona as described by Carl Jung is the social face the individual presents to the world. In Latin, the persona is translated as a “mask, character.” So the object of the mask is to make an impression on the outside world, at the same time conceal the true nature of the individual. In the realms of consciousness, within the context of “not a human being with a soul but a soul having a human experience,” the persona is our human nature. When we identify with our persona exclusively, we come into problems. Simply because we could never be our mask. The persona is created around the ages of 6 – 12 years old when we are figuring out the attention we want to avoid versus the attention we want to seek. Understanding the persona as a mask and human nature, you have to recognize the danger of committing to the persona 100%. Ninety-nine percent of the population has little or no concept of themselves being distinct from what this world expects. We have to think of the Ego in this three-phase model: Persona, Consciousness, and Shadow. The unexamined persona is the outward symbol of ourselves and it has to be broken down, to be recreated new. By developing a more personal persona relative to your consciousness, that does not hide your true self but doesn’t eliminate you from a social existence. When we think we embody our best qualities and hide our worst, this creates the shadow. When we think we are our job, when people think of themselves as celebrities, or since they have wealth they are better off. So whenever we don’t deal with the things we dislike or the things we want to ignore, these things form the Shadow. The Shadow is not all bad, it’s good to know the things we dislike about our lives and the things we want to change. This is what is called a challenge, the solution is in every problem. The question is are you strong enough to say and do what is necessary. Shadows create definition and character.  With proper balance, you can create beautiful art. Without developing the shadow people become shallow and preoccupied with what others think about them. Balancing the light and dark is necessary for personal growth.

Keeping it Conscious (Episode 2) Changing Your Mind Through Meditation & The Power of Laughter

To work magic effectively one must work himself into a trance. We can not reach our magical potential through the process of regular thinking. To be able to focus one’s mind and its ability to concentrate is primary.
You can reach a trance state by laying completely motionless. By laying completely still, not moving a muscle. Not letting your thoughts run off into long trains of thoughts, not panicking about if you left the stove on. Just simply observing yourself and relaxing your body. Whenever you have free time make it a practice to just stay motionless. Then the question arises, what to do with our mind? You begin to direct your mind to your breathing, focusing on the inhale and the exhale. Begin to slow your breathing down and breathe as needed.
The focus is sustained thought towards a particular object. So to do this you have to let go of a lot of shit. To properly reach the level of magick to alter your known universe you have to learn to detach yourself from the waking world. It doesn’t mean you lack empathy or are heartless, it means to properly and effectively do magick you have to focus a majority of your energy on one thing. So by meditating, lying still, and focusing on your breath may ease your mind, it most certainly won’t get you to your magical potential. In this journey, you are always required to go deeper and reach a higher level. No one is a master yet we all are masters. So the meditation is preparing you by establishing a trance state. The ability to focus on a particular sigil, or mantra within the mind with relentless pursuit will determine the results of our magical affair.
The goal is to transform our regular mind into a magical mind. We are in the process of completely restructuring our mind. Changing our regular mind to a magical consciousness is our Great Work (Magnum Opus). From one way of looking at the world to a completely different way. The art of using our will to restructure our mind.
Within the realms of consciousness, you realize the duality of this world, yet it doesn’t take you out of your flow. We know that joy/sorrow, up/down, good/bad, guilt/freedom, and quiet/loud are just two sides of the same pole. Whatever we experience throughout the duality of the world is just an indication and a realization. So our experience becomes different from others, we are learning to control OUR mind. We are shifting it from reactive to proactive. We recognize the world but we don’t care. Developing an objective point of view instead of a subjective point of view. Religion has us in a state of searching for one polarity over the other. Feel good over bad, the reason you are sad is that you are doing something wrong, you’re a sinner. When the reality is that the darkness is necessary to understand light, being cold helps you to appreciate and understand warmth. See it is only an indication and a realization of the opposite polarity.
We should investigate the emotion of laughter as a concept. The spirit is that of pure joy and amusement. To look at life through inquisition and introspection, we can always find the humor in things. Not with the regular human mind that was given to us, but with the cultivated conscious/magical mind, this is where we find the humor. All those illusions and tricks played on us, by us. There was never any wrong done to us by others, we have been in control the whole time. You are playing the joke on you, so if you don’t get the joke, then that is due to your lack of understanding of your own self. To laugh inwardly at all things is key.  The Laughing Buddha
Delete a habit in place for a new one. For example, stop smoking and replace it with working out. Let this practice be the barometer for your magical pursuit. Change things that you always wanted to change and replace them with things you always wanted to do. Creating an instable environment for chaos energy to take the form of miracles in your life.

The Hood Mystic’s Interview with Cosmic Memoranda

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by the good people at http://www.getfreeandbecomewealthy.wordpress.com/

Please Check out Parts 1 & 2 Below:

“Some of the topics covered are: his story, what motivated him to change his relationship to money, establishing an LLC, using spirituality (especially Astrology) as a guide to live your life, meditation, the importance of accessing your true self through the parasympathetic nervous system, and poverty consciousness of  People of Color”



Practical Uses for Universal Law (Part 9) Becoming the Architect of Your Desires.


If you wish to change conditions one must change themselves. We don’t just arise at the point we are, it is the result of previous thoughts, behaviors, and actions.
If we truly wish for things to manifest we have to remember fear has no place in proper manifestation. The idea of growth can not exist with the idea of fear.
We must understand that our inner self, innermost, inner God, spiritual nature, is All wealth, All health, and All love. Then we know what we will attract if we work with the energy.
To move forward in harmony and abundance one must be aware of the truth.
You can be the most powerful being on the planet but if you believe and order your steps on the basis of a lie, then all that power is irrelevant.
Now you can be the weakest being on the planet but if you believe and order your steps in the realm of truth, then you will experience the life you desire.
If you see sickness. You will manifest sickness.
If you see healing. You will manifest healing.
So many times we see problems. Then those problems become manifest. My suggestion would be to see solutions. See ease and prosperity. If that is what you hope to manifest.
If the architect put together a flawed design.
The best contractors in the world, the building would still be a mess.
That is why are thinking has to be more along the lines of perfection, to create that world around us.
We want love, then we have to give it, and you can’t give others what you dont have. so the first person we have to give love to is our selves. and the more love you give yourself. you become a magnet to it.
the same rules apply to money
so we understand we have to think positively but the negative thoughts inevitably enter our minds. we cant stop certain thoughts from entering our mind
but we can definitely stop ourselves from entertaining said thoughts
our spirit the thing that animates us is all knowing and omnipresent and ready for you to use. the only thing required is our ability to recognize it and use it
a tree does not get its sustenance from the external world
for it is the root that provides the root the sustenance to grow to heights one could only imagine
so let us be like the tree let us dig into our roots
and grow to our greatest heights
ideas are in our minds this or that up or down`
but an ideal is the perfection in our mind
let us focus on that

Practical Uses for Understanding Law (Part 5) The Power of Attention & Focus

Video Notes:

a very simple remedy for a complex situation
it only matters if it is attached to something
like a radio, tv, some lights, appliances, etc
then it can do amazing things
without a modality its just energy
pretty much useless

so thought is just thoughts
unless its attached to a particular idea
then it will charge that idea
otherwise its just wandering thoughts
with no focus

your thoughts with a focus are so powerful
and most of us are ignorant so we just waste our time
and idly pass time
and let our thoughts drift
but if we were to focus on that which we desire for a time
and focus on it

the mental world is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent
its in all places
it always responds to our desire

the brain is embryonic only meaning it can be developed

the people that choose to look within and build and understand
their inner workings will triumph
the ones that continuously look outside will fail

your dealing with the vibration and forces that most respond to you
success will always equate to attention and concentration
its the highest thing we all can strive for
especially now

distractions and having distracted thoughts are why you may think something is impossible
but understanding your mind and how its developed will show you that nothing is impossible
a very simple remedy for a complex situation
this is not an overnight thing
it takes practice
and understanding
because the way the world is set up
you can lose it overnight

if you woke conscious
you can not complain
or be in need
you know that anything is possible
nothing is impossible
through focus and attention
what are you focusing on
can you keep your attention up
without being distracted this is key

Every minute of every day, your body is physically reacting, literally changing, in response to the thoughts that run through your mind

if you understand and can control the cause (your thoughts)
than you can control your effects (the results).