(Vlog) Keeping it Conscious (Episode 8) The Importance of an Altar


Knight of Disks

The Knight(king) of Disks(pentacles, coins) is a card that demonstrates our ability to perform actions that positively affect our personal life.  Whether it be a new job, new city, new relationship, or a new situation.  We now have the energy to make the right decisions.  Based on our strong sense of reality and our ability to improve it, we access that energy.  The protection of the earth combined with your unstoppable will, allows you to make your dreams reality.  Take time to do activities that promote your well-being.  Be creative, think outside the box, and be rewarded for your courage.  Do not abandon your spirituality, allow it to inspire you, and expand your psychic awareness.  To whom is given much is required.  This is a time to take on responsibilities because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Peace & Calm



Capricorn: Grounding and Rising

With this Astrology Series will be removing the fog surrounding various symbology and archetypes.  The Ancients observed nature and implemented their findings into human nature, and spiritual knowledge.  As we arrive at this present day we can utilize these archetypal myths and symbols, to enrich our daily lives.

Capricorn, is derived from the Latin word Capra which means goat.(God of all Things)  If you observe the mountain goat you will see his stability through rocky terrain and high altitudes.  What we can take from that is that, by being grounded one can steadily rise like the Goat.  The goat was worshiped, in ancient Egypt (The goat of Mendes, later the Baphomet), in ancient Greece (Pan later Dionysus).

With the advent of Christianity, it needed to create a Devil or a symbol that represented ancient thought, and distort it.  So now when you see the Baphomet or Pan these deities are know collectively seen as evil.   While the vagueness and mystery of an all knowing God, reigns supreme.  But the question still remains why the Devil, and why the Goat?  Because the Goat is a perfect symbol for evil, based upon the knowledge of the scapegoat.  There were actually two goats, one was sacrificed, and one was sent into the wilderness.  The goat that was sacrificed is symbolized by the destruction of ancient knowledge and temples, wholesale.  The one sent into the wilderness with the sins of the people, would be villanized.  Giving us the story of the scapegoat which could be found in the bible.   So when the time comes for Winter Solstice we put our attention on Jesus instead of Lucifer.  Jesus is utilizing the power of Capricorn to be reborn year after year, while the Goat and Capricorn go deeper and deeper into obscurity.

What does the Capricorn represent and why do we miss out on the opportunity?  Once you fully understand the mystery of Capricorn and who he was in Ancient times, you tap into an ancient why of thinking.  You become the Ancestors before colonialism, industrialism, and Christianity. Your right mind.  You begin to realize that Capricorn represents, freedom, independence, no limitations, and all-knowledge.  At the same time you will be cut off from people who have a colonized, Christian mind.  So that could produce loneliness, being an outcast, and cut off from people who don’t want to advancement in the realms of spirituality.

So like the Goat, this is a gateway to arising of consciousness, the goat goes higher and higher up the mountain for the reason of sustenance.  We can use this Capricorn energy to rise higher and higher in the realms of spiritual development.  This is a magical time, Capricorn is an earth sign, but once you understand the lesson you will be able to fly like the unicorn.

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Peace & Calm


Queen of Disks – leaving the desert behind


The Queen of Disks (pentacles, coins) has the world in her hands, leaving behind a desert of lonlieness and inadequacy.  But how did she get here?
This is the more evolved queen of the four queens in the tarot.  She has worked and developed her intuition to the point of manifesting the world she wants. 
If you find yourself in a desert of lonileness, the problem is everyone and everything around you is dead. But being in a desert will create the illusion of an oasis, but it is only an illusion. Be the queen of Disks and put the desert behind you.
You can have. Whatever you want. You must see clearly through calm and persistent thoughts.
Your joy should be persistent. If you are in a desert put it behind you.
Through calm, patience, persistent thought of what you want, stable emotional field, you will manifest or become the queen of the earth, and your joy will be evident for all to see.

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Prince of Disks – Commanding your inner Bull


So imagine the ferocious, unstoppable, raging bull.
That energy is within you.
You do not tame a bull with strength, you tame the bull through confidence and knowing.
The prince of disks is a card that signifies ones inner rage being used to blow down obstacles.  One by one. Sometimes there is no visible path, when this occurs. The prince and his raging bull create that visible path, one can travel down, if one chooses. Through patience and awakening ones inner power, one will have the ability to complete any goal one sets his heart on.  Through meditation you will create surprising avenues for yourself. Though your still and unmoved, the unstoppable motor of manifestation picks up speed and power, thus creating the avenues for you to move through in life. So take responsibility and create a space to allow opportunities to flourish in and around you. 
For a practical approach to magic, clean up the clutter, and allow new pathways to form and not get blocked by unnecessary clutter.
That is all for now.