Visual Presentation on Glamour, Illusion, and Maya (The World is not Real)


2 of Disks — The Darkside of Destiny

Psalm 139:12

even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.

Too often we rely on things being one way.  When in reality things are constantly changing. Chaos surrounds us while we strive for some type of normalcy.  One must simultaneously enjoy the glass and know the glass will fall and shatter one day. If we neglect the dark and darkness falls upon us, we will be blind.  If we obtain light in preparation of darkness when light is abundant, nightfall will be nothing but a formality.  The key to grasping the 2 of Disks(Pentacles, Coins) is to be present and aware of your destiny simultaneously.  Faith and Trust in your inner voice of truth will open you up to your souls purpose.  The external is a simple illusion, alluding to your awareness of your inner voice.  Ignore it = Peril  Listen = success and your wildest dreams will come true.  What you focus on grows. Let us continue to be present and aware of the cycles of life.  Let us prepare for the best life has to offer.  The worst is behind us.  Carry Light into the darkness to illuminate your path.  That is the only way to salvation. That is all for now.

Peace & Calm


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