(Vlog) Keeping it Conscious (Episode 8) The Importance of an Altar


This Week in Astrology — Full Moon in Taurus

Awakening you to the Archetypal Movement during the week ahead.  The purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the energy available astrologically, for the purpose of spiritual and personal development.

On November 4th, 2017 there will be a Full Moon in Taurus opposed the Sun in Scorpio.  20 minutes before the Sun and the Moon come into exact opposition, Venus in Libra and Uranus in Aries come into an exact opposition as well.  This means a lot of change is in store in the realms of perception and love.


The Full Moon in Taurus at the 11th Degree invites happy and smooth outcomes to any problem you may be facing on the material plane.  The Sun in Scorpio finds us answering for our past mistakes.  Denial and blameshifting are not looked upon favorably at this time alternatively accountability and taking responsibility for past mistakes will be rewarded favorably under this full moon.   The differences between the two actions mentioned above are whether you learned from your mistake or are you going to throw a pity party for yourself because you couldn’t live up to a particular standard.  This Full Moon is keeping you grounded through any turmoil you may be experiencing and will show up as a proverbial life raft in the nick of time.   Learning to unplug your self from outside sources and connect with yourself to align with what you love.

Venus will be opposing Uranus exactly 20 minutes before the full moon reaches it’s exact opposition, highlighting changes in your love life.  This is not limited to romantic love but anything you are connected to on a deep spiritual level.  What makes this a magical full moon is that no matter your present conditions or limitations, it will not be a factor during this time.  You can enact quick and rapid change for yourself at this time.  Will it last forever? That’s a whole other subject.  If you focus on areas where you are competent it will have effects in the areas where you lack competence.  Overall, change and excitement are on the cusp ready to spill over into your life, so be encouraged.

This Full Moon has an aspect of Neptune mixed in this go around, ushering in the magic to this current transit.  Neptune is the watery and illusionary world we live in.  Where we are and our current situation is 100% transitory.  We are in a state of constant flux and are generally positioned wherever are dominant thoughts lead us.  Where are your thoughts leading you? In the upcoming days reflect and examine your thoughts, determine your dominant thoughts, and you will determine your destination.  This is a time when your psychic abilities will be on high and your intuition will have you in the right place at the right time.  The work required during this Full Moon transit is for you to practice allowing instead of blocking.

Keeping it Conscious Episode 5 – The Power of Symbols & The Art of Sigil Making

Symbols represent ideas and convey these ideas quickly. Like a number is just a symbol for the various computations of 1. Without having to add one, nine times, you just see the number 9, and its instant. Some symbols are beneficial, like the stop sign for example, but then there are other symbols like the cross or the swastika that manipulate the masses.


Even a letter is a symbol that forms other symbols we call words, that encode data without having to say the definition everytime we speak or see it. Instead of saying that man was walking very fast, we can make it shorter by just saying ‘running’. When you use a symbol you don’t have to think, your subconscious responds and does the thinking for you. So many symbols in the world are placed before you to control your subconscious mind. For this reason, it is important to begin to create your own symbols to activate your personal subconscious. When you realize that through your own imagination you can create powerful changes in your life. By taking back the power of symbolism and creating your own definitions for symbols, you begin to create your reality.


Impacting the subconscious mind is based upon its ability to accept the symbology you feed it. Symbols then are not to be worshipped but understood and directed. So many of us look to symbols and mythologies as powerful, if you take a step back, ultimately it is you that is giving them the power to your thoughts. Understanding the different modalities and ways to impact your subconscious mind allows us to experiment and see what the symbols truly mean, to us. This brings us to the topic of journaling and documenting our experiments, in order to define what these symbols mean to you personally. It could be that working with the cross brings you financial prosperity, or the swastika brings you inner peace and harmonious relationships. My point is you don’t truly know until you have done the work and came up with your own conclusions.
When creating symbols you have to work with them in your mind and properly identify the what, the who, the how, and the why. Creating an intention through power and assuredness raises the level of impact. Creating an intention through doubt and halfheartedness reduces the impact. One has to learn to put complete trust in their inner power and use the correct symbolism to activate it and get to our personal desires. Ase. Fill your mind with positivity and put decent work into creating the symbol and the story around you. Peace is the power, always remember.

Understanding sigil making, there is no correct or incorrect way to make one. A sigil is a word taken from Latin which means seal, a symbol used for magical purposes. A sigil has as much power as you the imagined gives it. I find it important to add that there are no pre-made sigils made for your personal success. Whoever made the sigil did not have you personally in mind, even if they did, you could never truly know their intent. Human beings live in multiple dimensions and most of them cannot be reached on a mundane level. To deal with yourself and your reality, I feel it is best to create your own sigil that impacts your own subconscious mind. The primary power in a sigil is derived from the fact that you created it, charged it, and it benefits you. Once the sigil is created you charge it through ritual then you forget it. This done because we want to forge this symbol and it’s intent in your subconscious mind without the conscious mind getting in the way.  The subconscious is our GPS, the sigil is the address, once the address is on the GPS all we have to do is follow the directions. How much good would the address be in traveling? Of course, it is the destination but just knowing it won’t get you there, you have to have directions to the destination. In a nutshell, this is the benefit of sigil magic in our magical practices. Build up the sigil, allow yourself to reach an altered state of consciousness, focus on the sigil, close the ritual, then burn the sigil, and go about your life. This is about autosuggestion, autopilot, giving yourself a direction without having to consciously will yourself there. Just flow with it. In creating your intentions avoid the words no and not, the subconscious doesn’t recognize those words and you will not like to attract that which you don’t want. Saying things like “I don’t want to get swarmed by bees” the subconscious reads it as ” I want to get swarmed by bees” and then your fucked. Recognizing that we don’t want to bring trauma into our magical practices, trauma reminds us of what we don’t want, and when we bring what we don’t want into magic, guess what you get? More of what you don’t want. So it is always best to concentrate on the magic of what you want. This is a more potent way to handle money, love, and overall life problems. By using a magical approach to impact the subconscious mind you will be amazed at how powerful you are.

The Week Ahead in Astrology 12/25/2016 – 1/1/2017

Awakening you to the Archetypal Universal Movement of the week ahead.

Mars in Pisces Opposes North Node in Virgo

Christmas Day 12/25/2016

Look forward to peaceful encounters with past representations of sadness, anger, and strife.  This could be family members, places, or situations.  Your recently found peace will be transparent, you could finally realize that it is your peace, to which is truly important.  Your meditations and intentions are likely to manifest in different periods throughout the week.  Stay Calm, Stay Peace and prepare for the New Moon on Wednesday.

Uranus Stations Direct in Aries

Wednesday 12/29/2016

This is perfect timing with our upcoming New Moon.  This transit is signifying Divine Timing, a portal opening for manifesting projects we have struggled with, or need that initial push, or fruitful seed.  This is a great time to visualize our greatest success and victory.  This is a magical time highlighting meditation, visualization, and manifesting our greatest desires.

New Moon in Capricorn

Wednesday 12/29/2016

I have Covered the sign of Capricorn earlier in the week.  So this Wednesday we come to a decision whether to utilize this magical energy or not.  Like I stated above, that this is a portal, a gateway.  The energy will not always be this fertile, so it’s no sin in using it for your benefit.  Capricorn and the darkness of the New Moon conjure up images of witchcraft and sinister, but the reason is to keep out the uninformed and uninitiated.  Really use this energy, rituals, and intentions, to manifest your desires.  Think outside of your pain, and within your joy.

Mars Conjuncts Neptune in Pisces

Sunday 1/1/2017

The energy that you want to bring the “New Year” in with is PEACE.   Look Forward to a Peaceful beginning to the year, in spite of all circumstances, handle it all with PEACE.  Our Masculine energy is being submerged, protected, and cleansed.  Some major battles are coming to an end and an Age of  Peace is reigning through the land.

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Peace & Calm


10 of Wands — Saturn in Sagittarius 

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Saturn in Sagittarius dates:  December 23, 2014 to December 19, 2017

When we recognize our limitations, deal with our inner tensions, and remain calm and composed through turmoil. We have the formula for success , when we are successful our stress is greatly reduced. This process is the process of the ten of Wands tarot card.

Eventhough we live in a time of unpredictability, detachment, and rapid progression. The most important thing we can do now is remain self controlled and realize our limits. This is the time we are living in Saturn in Sagittarius. 

We must recognize the impulses and uncontrollable forces of the world and realize the only way to control this is through self control. By taking care of responsibilities, you relieve your burdens, and you are now able to meet obligations. When doing this you are now in a position to be successful in any endeavor you shall choose.  That is all for now. 

Peace & Calm


Gnosis (Thought & Action) part 3


Should we continue the physical battle of our ancestors?
Should we, Can we create our very own reality?
If we are utilizing Gnosis, and a stance towards not finding fault in others then. By default we create our own reality.
So what are truly and genuinely putting out into the universe?
What is your true intent?
Deepest desire you wish to manifest?
What is the root of your intent?
In order to cross that proverbial bridge of dreams to reality, you must take a vow of secrecy with the higher self.  The hidden power of oneself has only one obvious rule. Stay hidden. Nobody has to know your magical steps that get you to your destiny. All they have to know is that your a generous and altruistic person. After your meditation, concentration, visualization exercise, every moment afterwards is a MANIFESTATION. The true judge if your experiment was a success.  So dont take things personal when you know you are a magician. Become observant and helpful. On top of it all to the average non practitioners you will come across as crazy or unreliable. The matrix is set up this way, the matrix is a simulation, this is not a real place. Life can be altered based on mental power. If you let uninitiated thoughts enter your mind you will experience negative results. If you keep quiet if your intention you will experience positive fulfillment of your dreams.  Understanding those around you and helping them solve their  problems is the foundation to all success. And should be repeated as much as possible.

The miracle is a thought at one point that seemed impossible, so very MENTAL ENERGY is spent towards that thought, and yet it happens. A miracle.

Mental energy is a finite source that we use to create our reality.
It is most powerful if and when used towards one specific goal. That power is then reduced as we allow other various thoughts into our minds.
That is why it is important to still the body. Direct your energy to one specific, sigil, event, vision, color, number, symbol, etc… But to bring about your vision does not stop with this exercise. Gnosis is more than meditation. It is the action that brings the result.

Law of at – tr – action.
The At is where it happens at, or the moment of realization.
The tr or Tri is the culmination of mind body and soul. The holy trinity.
The action is the representation of the human will and your ability to do and be.
See Law of Attraction is activated by thought. But fully engaged and realized through action.
Can you be the representation of your thought?
Can you be what you want to attract?
In order to recreate your self utilizing gnosis, you must remove your defects.  Do not allow yourself to fail any longer.  Perfect yourself. Correct your thoughts and follow up in corrected actions. You will begin to notice that as you refine yourself more and more manifestations and miracles will become self evident.

Thank you.
El Melchizedek

Stay tuned for part 4 Money!!!!!!