New Moon in Scorpio — Walking on frozen water

On November 18th, 2017 we will be experiencing a New Moon in Scorpio.  New Moons represent the beginning of a new cycle as well as an end to an old cycle.  Scorpio’s power is that of transformation, death, and rebirth.  This time is a time of setting the stage for the next act in your life.

Scorpio also reveals the underlying motivations for particular harmful behaviors.  This particular New Moon will be in the 3rd decan, ushering an inside look at the problems of societies aimlessness.  Behaviors that are particularly damaging to the inner child’s development, will be highlighted and hopefully extinguished.  You have to see the actual damage that is being done to actually be inspired to do something about it.  This New Moon will point out the problems with alternative parenting, teenage depression, and opiate deaths of teenagers.  Normality and structure are frowned upon in this society, to its detriment nonetheless.  All you have to do is look at the President if we truly want to see what this country is all about.  This is a good time to switch off the “News” and spend some time in the darkness of the New Moon.  The womb of creation.

The three days leading up to the New Moon is referred to as the Dark Moon period when the moon becomes invisible which represents a liminal time.  The liminal figure I want to bring your attention to during this period is the Orisha Olokun.  These are times of transition and transformation.  Olokun represents the dark and cold bottom of the ocean.  The deep part where no light can get and no heat.  Just the dead marine life and plants that slowly travel to the lowest depths of the sea which no man can survive.  From these depths, Olokun stretches her wisdom and forms a bridge from one place to another.  Olokun represents the untouched and unmarked ideas embedded deep in your subconscious mind.  During the Dark Moon with proper concentration and focus, one can fulfill his wildest desires and hopes. Olokun holds the mysteries.  These times hold tremendous magical power if you’re not afraid of the Dark.  Certain deities are not discussed as much as others based on the liminality of the certain diety.  Most people are not ready to make the major transitions and transformations that require a change in scenery, environment, or perception.  There is a tremendous energy bestowing generosity and power if one deals with his/her interior.

This New Moon brings change based on its Uranus inconjunction.  Most people fear change and will find it hard to integrate themselves.  Learn to be flexible and open to change.  Set positive intentions through ritual.  Concentration and Focus is the solution to stagnation.  Making minor changes could bring major results if you take heed.


This Week in Astrology – New Moon in Libra

This New Moon in Libra brings luck, misfortune, jokes, happenstance, and sudden changes.  This New Moon like all New Moons mark an ending of an old cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.  The New Moon is also known as the Dark Moon because it can not be seen at night with zero illumination.  This is in alignment with the darker aspects of  third decan Libra, just steps away from the transformative Scorpio, which this New Moon falls on.  Making the feeling of shifts and transitions palpable to the senses.  As we sail into the unknown, we can choose our emotion, since we truly don’t know where we are headed.  We can choose to be excited or dreadful.  The Suns travel through Virgo and Libra post eclipse has given us time to examine and analyze, now the time comes to make a decision moving into Scorpio.  This may not be a physical alignment more so an emotional commitment.  This New Moon being aligned with Jupiter matches our optimism with circumstance.  Words like happenstance, coincidence, and luck come into play during this time.  Putting yourself in the proper alignment mentally and emotionally is important.  Mercury’s influence on this New Moon provides the Comic Relief of this otherwise tough transit.  Comedy is based on truthful observations of daily life.  Noticing these baseless behaviors will provide a chuckle, giving you the proper alignment to experience the light within the darkness.   Can you recognize the joke and accept it, would be the question I would ask.  The most powerful aspect of this New Moon transit is its opposition to Uranus in Aries.  Uranus signifies major change, when there is an opposition to Uranus you can expect something big.  Donald Trump has a Moon oppose Uranus transit in his natal chart, as well as other polarizing celebrities.  You can expect this energy to create a massive flip out, so be conscious of how you personally will respond to this sudden change of events.


This Week in Astrology 10/10 to 10/14/17 (Jupiter in Scorpio)

Orishas of the Week: Oya and Obatala

Theme of the Week:  Letting go of the things that no longer serve us, preparation for transformation.  

Jupiter enters Scorpio October 10th 2017

Where Jupiter in Libra was about working through our relationship with the outside world and balancing our inner work to find the greatest expansion of ourselves. Jupiter in Scorpio looks to bring optimism in our darker expressions to bring about expansion through transformation.  Jupiter in Libra was more of choosing your team, and now in Scorpio is more of a vetting of our teammates.  The question is, do they have what it takes.  Jupiter is optimistic and thus represents your optimism, Scorpio represents the darkness necessary for transformation.  Understanding why we go through what we go through and what did we learn from it will be the theme coming up in this current Jupiter Cycle.  Can we learn the benefits of darkness?  Our relationships will be what we bring into this cycle, Scorpio will alert us to the why.  Jupiter is seeking intimacy in Scorpio, the kind of intimacy that brings satisfaction to our carnal desires.  How you are able to handle this energy will be paramount to your expansion over the next 13 months.  Jupiter will be in Scorpio until 11/8/18.  Remember to being the light to any darkness you experience to overcome and thrive during this transit.

Venus in Virgo oppose Chiron in Pisces October 10th 2017

Venus in Virgo represents your love at its highest octave, its greatest potential.  What stands in the way of this is opposed Chiron in Pisces representing your deepest wound.  How adept at you at reconciling your pain and trauma?  Do you mask it or deal with it?  The question of how you actually deal with pain do you let it bring you down or do you cut it off.  In truth our greatest love comes from healing those wounds and moving forward from healing.  The falsehood is when we don’t deal or try to mask these pains and keep acting like it isn’t there.  Active healing is called for during this transit.

Mars in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius October 11th 2017

Whenever we experience an aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius the question comes are we aligned with our soul’s purpose.  If we are, Saturn rewards.  If we are not, Saturn disciplines.  Mars in Virgo represents our actions in the context of purpose, the challenge is making the right decisions.  Continuing to walk in our path if we have been sidelined, or managing begin to walk in our light will be highlighted under this transit.  Most people do not like this transit because it requires accountability to be on the positive side of it.  Remember that no shot goes in that you never shoot.

Venus in Virgo inconjunct Uranus in Aries October 11th 2017

Learning how to incorporate imperfections into your perfect vision.  Even better the imperfections of you is what makes you perfect, strange as it seems.  Venus in Virgo representing your highest octave of love, inconjunct/quincunx to Uranus in Aries represents your individual Soul Urge.  Inconjunctions represent integrating the different aspects of our lives.  So this particular aspect is based upon integrating perfection and the unpredictability of our urges and being okay where they lead us.  But at least we went for it.  Where can we let go of things that no longer serve us without emotional turmoil.

Mercury in Libra sextiles North Node October 12th 2017

This transit puts wings on our thoughts and ideas, raises them to another level.  Mercury in Libra is enhanced with balanced mental acuity.  So make sure to be active in the realms of communication, writing, and any creative projects.  Whether the break happens now or later, the work you do now will be the seed you need to plant for a later date.  Stay active.

Mercury in Libra sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius October 12th 2017

Continuing to work towards your future and being aligned with a positive one where you will be rewarded.  Opportunities don’t come knocking everyday and they don’t return because you missed the call.  The saying goes if you stay ready you never need to get ready.

Venus enters Libra October 14th 2017

Our love moves into a conceptual stage.  We begin to examine and investigate the love we truly seek as it evolves.  A perfect place to be to prepare for a New Moon in Libra happening on the 18th.  Libra being an Air Sign and Venus an Earth Planet, we can expect great changes in our ideas surrounding love and how it is expressed.


Pluto/Mars Conjunction/ Ogun Transit October 19, 2016


800px-veveogoun-svgPluto will conjunct Mars in Capricorn October 19, 2016.

First we will talk about Pluto.  This Planet is like the shadow, following you around everywhere you go, not making it’s presence known.  Shrouded in mystery, Pluto rules the sign Scorpio.  It represents the deep soul-like instincts.  It represents the dark times, before you know your inner-self, also the wisdom post transformation.

Next we will talk about Mars, we talk about a planet seeking redemption.  Our Warrior, Wizard, Magician, and High Priestess energy is tied up in this planet.  Mars is the Red Planet, representing the blood and/or bloodline.  This fight is ancestral and unconscious when MARS and PLUTO conjunct.

This conjunction is represented by the Orisha Ogun.  We can see us being rewarded justly and fairly, soon.  MARS/PLUTO is organizing a plan for the individual and the collective simultaneously.  So there will be no hesitation, the path will be clear.  Ogun carries an axe to clear the way for us.  When these planets align an AXE will appear in the sky and in our minds and open the path for us all.

Hillary Clinton was born with a Mars/Pluto Conjunct. This transit will inconjunct her natal placement in Leo, wielding her AXE to behead any competition.  October 19 will be a turning point for her.  She will reveal some deep dark secrets to put an end to her competition, securing her path to the 2016 Presidential Election.  I use her as an example of what energy is present FOR ALL OF US to access at this present time.

Let us be Calm and Peaceful and Observant, and witness a foundation shift in all of our lives.  Until Next Time.

Peace & Calm




7 of Cups — Road map out of the Swamp

Psalm 101:7

No one who practices deceit will dwell in my house; no one who speaks falsely will stand in my presence.

There will be things in this life we will have to turn away from.  Seduction, temptation, and deception are things we are faced with often.  It is naive to think we are above these things.  When you deal with the 7 of Cups tarot card, you are in dead center of an illusion, and it is best to turn away.

A wise man once said, ” if you don’t like the bad, you will hate the worst.”  When we find ourselves unhappy in relationships, profession, or overall we must realize it is up to us to redirect our emotions to favorable ones.  We must understand, we can’t change the swamp, we can leave the wood and be on a beach, if we so desire.

The way to combat seduction, deception, and temptation is having faith in ourselves. When we are under these malefactors it is usually based on hope of external factors outside of our will.  You will either have faith in yourself or hope in a situation.  When utilizing the will to create your reality, most important is faith in you and your abilities.  When you hope you are now dependent on external forces to go your way, you hope the swamp changes when it is you that needs to change.  Faith in-tune with the will, will animate your being and ultimately lead you to your destiny. That is all for now.

Peace & Calm


Prince of Cups – Taurus New Moon (2016) Tarot Card


What can we expect from the Taurus New Moon? The answer is the Prince of Cups.  

We can expect that things will go into a forced equilibrium, that will bring about a turning point in all of our lives.  Just think Prince.  We are going through a deep emotional phase in human history.  Consciousness is now being fused with the mind of God, it is likened to a maturation process of the spirit and soul.  

This is a time to deal with the subconscious mind, or we will clearly see the subconscious mind manifest right before our eyes.  Truly remarkable as well as subtle.  

We are encouraged to follow our feelings, let our hearts guide us in making decisions, when you feel strongly about something do not hesitate.  We are approaching a new beginning. A true harmonization of the mind and heart.  

Let us celebrate the beauty in others and the beauty of life during this Moon phase.  Let us grow our connection to the earth, by appreciating it.  

God Heals.

Until Next Time