Practical Uses for Universal Law Part 1 (Foundations for Wealth Creation) — VIDEO


Video Notes:

as above, so below
as within, so without
your inside world is a reflection of your outside world

where people’s unenlightened beliefs could be broken down and then changed to more enlightened paths that would unite everyone to a new perspective that would put everyone into agreement
Solve et Coagulation

Spirituality is an Egg
So without any interaction its just slimy
Add heat, Whip it, or scramble it. It goes from a slimy mess
to a delicious food item.
Something can be a mess but added heat can force it together
Seperate and Together

all possession is based on consciousness
Thus you can’t acquire something you already have
All accomplishments and all possessions come about by our thinking

your ability to think is your ability to act.
as a man thinketh so is he.
every thought is a cause
every condition is a result of effect
positive and harmonious existence is the result of right thinking
discord, pain, and sorrow is the result of wrong thinking
your power is within

Gaining Light
Life is a Dark Room
The more Wisdom we gain
Reading and application
the more light we recieve
When the room is dark we just stumble around
running into things because we cant see
When we realize that our source is not seperate from us. it is us.
we are the power. and the problem was we didnt use our power.
now we must learn ourselves.

The Chariot – Opening up to Your Soul’s Desire

PSALMS 119:133

Prepare my goings in your paths and do not let evil rule over me

The ego is really not goal oriented, it simply looks for ways to attach itself to this illusionary world.  It would hope to be in the illusion forever.  This is why spiritually centered people are not afraid of death.  They realize thay Death is just a part of life.  Although we will all die one day, our PURPOSE is no less important bringing us to the Chariot Tarot Card.


We all have a deep need for fulfillment. What i mean is that we are willing to go to the ends of the universe if it meant fulfillment. Realizing that when we get there we are still not satisfied. That is simply because we dont realize that fulfilling the Ego is impossible. The fulfillment we truly seek is the connection of our Human Will with the Innermost Soul. 

Once we turn our backs emotionally on the needs of others and their expectations of us. Becoming our authentic self through meditation and study, remaining peaceful, calm and receptive to our innermosts guidance.  We cant simply rest on the messages though, we must be proactive in the realization of the souls desires. 

That is all for now. 

Peace & Calm


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{Music} jiantkilla E.T.{Music}

I often wonder why you live
Up under the sky
Your extra terrestrial
Its weird cause so am I
You remind me there’s no space
And time
Re create memories in the future
Using third eye

Travelling planets
Had sex on moon
Left on a Thursday
Won’t be back til June
I am Anubis
and You are nun
Ill be shango
youll be oshun
When I’m with you
I do shit I dont do

am i the only one
who can see your disguise
said hello in sumerian
you were so surprised
we met in atlantis
you left
a flood came from my cries
now its all euphoria
we met in another life

Gnosis & Solutions

Separate yourself from the problem

The problems we face as a community can not be solved by focusing on the problem.  By doing that we become the problem.  We do not realize that our problems are caused by our previous mindset.  The things we fear the most we readily attract.  We must neutralize our thoughts brought about by fear at a cause level.  By forgiving our negative/diabolical thoughts.  Come into Meditation with a pure mind and heart.  Remember relaxation and calm is the key to all salvation.  The Peace and calm are the true solvers of all of our problems.  If a “problem” shall arise Remember that the solution of the problem will not be solved through panic only through peace.  Identify with the solution exclusively.

All Psychic Phenomena,  Miracles, Solutions come from a place of peace.

The difference from hearing voices combined with mental illness as opposed to Clair Audience and hearing voices, is the deliberate calming of the mind associated with Clair audience.  What people are seeking in preachers, spiritualists, gurus, teachers, priests can be found in silence, in gnosis, in peace, in forgiveness. 

Find peace in your present situation and your ability to make the necessary changes  to bring about your true desires.  You dont have to spend time imagining your desires because that is still a conflict.  Spend time in gnosis. True gnosis. Dont get distracted. Spend time alone, in silence, at peace. Miracle.

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Gnosis and Money (part 4)

Living in the Moment

Every moment that you engage in conscious thought will always be NOW.  People generally project their thoughts into a future projection.  “One day I’ll be rich” “Tomorrow will be better” “When we get reparations our condition will change” etc…

Change can only be experienced in the NOW. Think about it….When it actually happens it will be NOW. What we experience causes an emotional vibration that permeates throughout the Ethers.  A trick to get what you want is to be the emotional vibration for which you wish to experience.  For example, I want to live in a world where there is no racism, in thought I imagine the world to be not racist, with the hopes that my physical surroundings will align with my emotional vibration.

You cant just get on the bus….

But if you know where the bus stops and you are patient it will eventually stop for you and you can get on.  

We have to know what emotional frequency we want to achieve and hold that frequency for as long as we can.  The trick is that you will be tested in this idea, and more often we fail.  So you must stay aligned, and do actions that correspond with what you intend to manifest.  The bus will stop, you will get on, and get to your destination.  But know where your going (What you want to manifest), wait (meditation, relaxation, and/or ritual), get on the bus when it stops (action), that is the magical process.

If any of this seems like its out of left field, but you are interested on how we got here.

Read Sections  2  & 3 for a more direct way of using your mind.


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Gnosis and the Black Race (part 2)

Everything is vibration.  We have control over our circumstances, so when you are in unfavorable conditions, why do we make it about somebody else. Nobody put you there.  You just need to develop a fool proof system that will never fail to get you to the point to where you need to get to.

Instead of blaming the media, the elite, white people, the church, scammers, etc…It is time we correct our own errors first and foremost and become successful in your own right, and then use the good you have gained through self development and heal the world.  If you want.

You gotta remember that you are ether, everything is ether and that is where it will return, ether.  This is key to understanding and advancing your being.  It is unbelievable so don’t believe, know.  Speak unto the ethers that your condition should be favorable and realize that you can not deny yourself.

Money is  not good or bad.  Why is it people who amass fortunes are looked upon as evil? What if you amassed a fortune what would you do? Would you change the world? Well then we are waiting for you to make that move.  Obtain much money and use it for good.


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Part 3 we get into correspondences and science to see through the fog. Gnosis