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The mystery of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand and of the seven golden lampstands is this: The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.

Revelations 1:20


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Practical Uses for Universal Law (Part 9) Becoming the Architect of Your Desires.


If you wish to change conditions one must change themselves. We don’t just arise at the point we are, it is the result of previous thoughts, behaviors, and actions.
If we truly wish for things to manifest we have to remember fear has no place in proper manifestation. The idea of growth can not exist with the idea of fear.
We must understand that our inner self, innermost, inner God, spiritual nature, is All wealth, All health, and All love. Then we know what we will attract if we work with the energy.
To move forward in harmony and abundance one must be aware of the truth.
You can be the most powerful being on the planet but if you believe and order your steps on the basis of a lie, then all that power is irrelevant.
Now you can be the weakest being on the planet but if you believe and order your steps in the realm of truth, then you will experience the life you desire.
If you see sickness. You will manifest sickness.
If you see healing. You will manifest healing.
So many times we see problems. Then those problems become manifest. My suggestion would be to see solutions. See ease and prosperity. If that is what you hope to manifest.
If the architect put together a flawed design.
The best contractors in the world, the building would still be a mess.
That is why are thinking has to be more along the lines of perfection, to create that world around us.
We want love, then we have to give it, and you can’t give others what you dont have. so the first person we have to give love to is our selves. and the more love you give yourself. you become a magnet to it.
the same rules apply to money
so we understand we have to think positively but the negative thoughts inevitably enter our minds. we cant stop certain thoughts from entering our mind
but we can definitely stop ourselves from entertaining said thoughts
our spirit the thing that animates us is all knowing and omnipresent and ready for you to use. the only thing required is our ability to recognize it and use it
a tree does not get its sustenance from the external world
for it is the root that provides the root the sustenance to grow to heights one could only imagine
so let us be like the tree let us dig into our roots
and grow to our greatest heights
ideas are in our minds this or that up or down`
but an ideal is the perfection in our mind
let us focus on that

Mercury Retrograde & New Moon in Capricorn (December 2016)

Every time a Mercury Retrograde period occurs, people go crazy, literally and figuratively.  I always wondered why tho?  I notice that other planets go retrograde to little or no fanfare whatsoever.

So why Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is the most important yet mysterious planet in the solar system.  Mainly because of its speed, and responsibility.  It really doesn’t have time to explain itself, but you will ultimately feel its presence or lack thereof. Mercury is the mind, the human mind.  Not the Spiritual mind. But the intelligent mind.  This has pros and cons, like most things within duality.  Mercury separates us from Animals as well as Gods.  Mercury is able to relay messages and is the intermediary between all three worlds.  The human world, the God realm, and the Animal kingdom.

So when this planet goes retrograde, our COMMUNICATION is all thrown off. Mercury is that mysterious substance that connects water and liquid, soul and body, spirit and matter, mother and child, finally word and flesh.  So depending on what house Mercury is transiting in your chart, in contrast to where it is at on a universal level, will determine how this retrograde will affect you. That is why it is important for you to investigate your natal chart, or hire someone to do it for you.

New Moon December 29th, 2016

The goal of this New Moon in Capricorn is to enter it as a Goat and exit a Unicorn.  We all are trying to gain footing in this rocky world, at the same time trying to fly free of obstacles.  Symbolizing the transformation of the goat into the unicorn.  So this upcoming New Moon is a spiritual gateway to freedom.  Mercury will be retrograde in Sagittarius, highlighting our connection to our soul’s purpose.  So my advice would be to seek alignment with source.  Act less, meditate more.  With  Saturn (The lord of Karma) still in Sagittarius(Souls Purpose) getting ready to enter Capricorn.  We don’t really have a choice, we must act righteously. If you seek more clarity please contact me: Email   Facebook

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