777 Chakra Workshop — Sacral Chakra

The Svadhisthana Chakra or better known as the Sacral Chakra is second of the seven primary Chakras in Hindu Tantric thought.  It translates to “one’s own base,” describing the experiences of the first seven years of life that has created your base on a spiritual level.  As a child, you can remember yourself as a soul, ultimately the desire to be successful and loved takes over the connection to the soul and we lose it.  The part of you that wants to be identified rises up and separates itself from its soul aspect.  The more one becomes aware of itself as human the more they distance themselves from the soul.  This energy is stored in the Sacral Chakra right below the navel and above the genitals.  This area is the base of your creation, pleasure, and peace.  The svadhisthana chakra is your emotional base.   When this chakra is balanced you experience a balance of masculine and feminine energies, you are aware of yourself as a human and as a soul, and you are experiencing inner harmony.  True peace within.


The element associated with the Sacral Chakra is Water.  Water in the aspect of baptism and cleansing of any unneeded energies.  Water in the aspect of emotions and how they cause disturbances to the chakra.  One must go in and examine their emotional frequency to align the Sacral Chakra.  The Sacral Chakra is a 6 petaled lotus, the petals represent the 6 modes of unconscious emotions: affection, pity, destructiveness, delusion, disdain, and suspicion.  The emotion of affection if not examined or checked will imbalance this chakra, by expecting love instead of giving love, your masculine and feminine energy are imbalanced.  Pity is when we are emotionally unable to offer assistance to yourself or others.  Destructiveness shows up an addiction or any unhealthy habit we seem to not be able to overcome.  Delusion is any beliefs we have without superior and infallible evidence to the contrary.  If we believe things that are simply untrue and unexamined this will adversely affect the chakra.  Disdain for yourself or others is the lack of an ability to give credit or attribute worth when it is due.  Negative emotions block you from being grateful.  When we mistrust ourselves or others without any proof to do so, and basically being paranoid about the future, without any reason to.  This shows up as the cognition of suspicion.   The six petals of unconscious emotions are the waves or ripples that cause a disturbance to the original peace of mind.  The center of your being is a cool and calm ocean when we allow negative emotions to enter our being that once cool and calm ocean is no more.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” – John Kabat-Zinn

In the Muladhara Chakra, we were awakening our Kundalini, at the Svadhishthana Chakra we are making the decision to continue this process of self-discovery.   If we are truly serious about spirituality and its practices then we are ready to stop filling holes and voids of a sleeping Kundalini,  and we are ready to let go of addictions, repressed emotions, and a lack of creativity.  Now you can see why most bow out at the Sacral Chakra because past this point your personality is required to change.  Once you travel past this portal, there is no going back.   The Svadhishthana Chakra is the center of the personality, not the one you have gained through life, but the personality life has separated you from.  Your divine personality.   Our lower desires are the things we must face and examine, these things are the source of our regeneration or destruction if unchecked.


The Void

Eros was a primeval god, son of Chaos, the original primeval emptiness of the universe.  When we speak on primeval we are simply saying the first aspect of that which we call Love.  Eros represents an aspect of love that is sleep within us all.  Since Eros is sleep we look for things to take its place in our lives.  In Greek thought, there are 4 types of love: storge – familial love, philia – brotherly love, agape – selfless love, eros – passionate love – or life energy.  Eros is an aspect of love rarely addressed because it is socially unacceptable.  It is the opposite of Logos, not better or worse, just opposite side of the same thing.  Where Logos is rational, Eros is the vibration or your inner feeling towards any particular thing.  Eros is our inner desire for wholeness and psychic relatedness.  Eros is the root word for “Eroticism.”   What makes eroticism uncomfortable is that it is not socially acceptable, yet you may personally enjoy the nature of it all.


Love in this aspect is the immortal force within you that lay dormant.  Activating the Sacral Chakra is activating the sleeping Eros within.  The water element associated with this chakra represents the baptismal, cleansing powers of self-discovery.   Once you activate and balance the Sacral Chakra the things you once did to fill the voids in your life will no longer be required.

Practical Uses for Universal Law (Part 9) Becoming the Architect of Your Desires.


If you wish to change conditions one must change themselves. We don’t just arise at the point we are, it is the result of previous thoughts, behaviors, and actions.
If we truly wish for things to manifest we have to remember fear has no place in proper manifestation. The idea of growth can not exist with the idea of fear.
We must understand that our inner self, innermost, inner God, spiritual nature, is All wealth, All health, and All love. Then we know what we will attract if we work with the energy.
To move forward in harmony and abundance one must be aware of the truth.
You can be the most powerful being on the planet but if you believe and order your steps on the basis of a lie, then all that power is irrelevant.
Now you can be the weakest being on the planet but if you believe and order your steps in the realm of truth, then you will experience the life you desire.
If you see sickness. You will manifest sickness.
If you see healing. You will manifest healing.
So many times we see problems. Then those problems become manifest. My suggestion would be to see solutions. See ease and prosperity. If that is what you hope to manifest.
If the architect put together a flawed design.
The best contractors in the world, the building would still be a mess.
That is why are thinking has to be more along the lines of perfection, to create that world around us.
We want love, then we have to give it, and you can’t give others what you dont have. so the first person we have to give love to is our selves. and the more love you give yourself. you become a magnet to it.
the same rules apply to money
so we understand we have to think positively but the negative thoughts inevitably enter our minds. we cant stop certain thoughts from entering our mind
but we can definitely stop ourselves from entertaining said thoughts
our spirit the thing that animates us is all knowing and omnipresent and ready for you to use. the only thing required is our ability to recognize it and use it
a tree does not get its sustenance from the external world
for it is the root that provides the root the sustenance to grow to heights one could only imagine
so let us be like the tree let us dig into our roots
and grow to our greatest heights
ideas are in our minds this or that up or down`
but an ideal is the perfection in our mind
let us focus on that

The Magician – The Father and the Son as 1.


The magician is the innermost part of your being. Unseen, unheard, and imprisoned.  Ones power must be utilized, realized. Ones power will not come to him and let that person know he is your psychic ability to use at the persons free will.  Through self discovery one finds that hidden power.  That details the discovery of ones consciousness. Which is useless unless one takes action. Based upon perseverance, emotions, and creativity.  The fanciful ideas of consciousness are useless If they don’t have a physical outlet.  The soul wants to live through you, do you allow it to? Realizing that will bring about creation and manifestation.  In this realm of magical thought a big key in getting what you want would be, being the cause.  By utilizing ones innermost as the catalyst for all creation, one will definitely succeed.  The magician is here to inform us that difficulties will assuredly be wiped away by using your magical weaponry. Rod (spiritual application) Sword (use of mental powers to overcome obstacles) cups (understanding emotions) pentacles (accomplishments in the material realm). The mastery of these four elements will bring about any and everything one could want.  Infinite wisdom is within ones mind, but to have knowledge of that and exercise that knowledge will be key. Deal with your innermost in meditation, visualization, and listen to the divine guidance of the MAGICIAN.
until next time