Visual Presentation on Glamour, Illusion, and Maya (The World is not Real)


Success Through Failure (Video)

Video Notes:

Like Attracts Like
Wealth attracts wealth
poverty attracts poverty
no exceptions

The necessity of struggle
Out of Struggle and Hardship comes Great Power
Who has struggled more than us? *Allegedly

The greatest service that can be rendered to any person on earth is the service which causes that person to rely upon HIMSELF

We can accomplish whatever we make up our minds to accomplish
we need to have strength of the will
strngth is comes from struggle, hardship, adversity, and handicaps outside of our control. naturally we would eliminate them, so forcibly they are applied so we can develop strength.

Deliver more service and better service than what you are paid for.
not for others, the customer, your boss, you doing it for yourself. do more than what you are supposed to do. make it a habit

Wherever we find ourselves we must maintain a goal and a focus.