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The mystery of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand and of the seven golden lampstands is this: The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.

Revelations 1:20


Root Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Heart Chakra

Throat Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Crown Chakra


777 Chakra Workshop — The Third Eye Chakra

The Ajna Chakra or better known as the Third Eye Chakra is sixth of the seven primary Chakras in Hindu Tantric thought.  Translated in Sanskrit as “command”.

In doing this chakra work we are establishing (Muladhara) and sustaining this emotional current or some would say this kundalini energy that is working up through our spine, opening up each chakra one by one.  This current or energy is sustained and focused on until we reach the point of the third eye or Ajna Chakra opening.  This opening only can occur when we drop the ego or the ‘I’, and you accept the space within as sacred space.  Only when we uncover who God is, within us, and also separate from us do we really accomplish the goal of opening the Third Eye.  Once you are fully awakened to self, one is opened up to the peace and wisdom beyond the conscious minds understanding.  After reaching this state of gnosis, it is impossible to revert to unconscious and unenlightened ways of previous existence.  We utilize a deeper access to the wisdom and understanding of our existence presently.

The Ajna Chakra activation is a wedding between the soul and the self.  It is a point of complete consciousness or being completely aware of the realization of your soul.  One can not continue on the path of unconsciousness, blaming, and pointing of fingers.  The Kundalini energy that was asleep in the root chakra is completely awoken and the realization that you are pure psychic energy is the reality you now live with.  When we speak of the psychic reality we are speaking to the human soul as opposed to the natural, animalistic, unconscious life.  The soul or God within is simply a word for the non-me.  In the Vishuddha chakra, we were simply bridging the gap between psychic reality and physical reality.

In the Ajna Chakra we become it, we ‘command it’.  In the Ajna Chakra the psyche grows wings, and from this point, you realize that you are nothing but the soul.  It is the point when the subject(you) and the object (Soul) becomes one.  The subject is the physical you that can be touched, the object is the soul or the idea of you, the consciousness that is you.  When you merge with this consciousness and completely submerge yourself into this union, then you will open the Third Eye Chakra.   From this point, you will have the power to merge and harmonize the different energies that exist within you into one powerful energy that is you and transcend all previous paradigms of confusion.

The Ajna translates to “command” or “perceive”, meaning you have the power to perceive life however you choose to.  You have to rid yourself of the old ideas to access this power, simply because your hands are full of old baggage, and your hands must be freed to grasp ahold of this new idea within you.  Its said meditation on the Ajna Chakra grants peace, occult powers, the ability to leave your body at once, to enter other bodies, to become omniscient.   To be connected to the source is a responsibility within itself, so understanding that you must purify yourself through doing the righteous work.  To even understand this chakra fully one must understand the journey of kundalini, and from this vantage point, you will see why this work is necessary.

777 Chakra Workshop — Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura Chakra)

The Manipura Chakra or better known as the Solar Plexus Chakra is third of the seven primary Chakras in Hindu Tantric thought.  It is translated as “the place of the pearl,” with mani meaning pearl or jewel, and pura meaning place or city.  I want us to first examine the concept of the pearl, in Christian lore and finally in the Gnostic scriptures.

45 “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls, 46 and upon finding a single pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it.

Matthew 13:45-46  

So as we see in the Bible, the merchant has sold everything for this particular pearl.  This story is a metaphor for accessing the soul.  The merchant has sold all that he has, meaning that nothing else matters to him on earth, the only thing that matters is acquiring this pearl, and this is what we are called down here to do.  Raise kundalini, realize ourselves as Gods, and raising ourselves to our Godhead.  Not to raise up our illusion or our prison.  This information is hard to follow because most are not ready to give up what they own(who they are), for the discovery of their soul, which is not the person they have been raised to know.  So the concept of selling everything one owns to acquire a pearl is completely ridiculous to the average person.  The reason why this sounds completely ridiculous is that we have forgotten our purpose down here on earth.

“If thou goest down into Egypt,
And thence thou bring’st the one Pearl –

“[The Pearl] that lies in the Sea,
Hard by the loud-breathing Serpent –

“[Then] shalt Thou put on thy Robe
And thy Mantle that goeth upon it,

“And with thy Brother, Our Second,
Shalt thou be Heir in our Kingdom.”

The Hymn of the Pearl

Nag Hammadi Library

In Gnostic Texts, we have The Hymn of the Pearl where it describes the story of a “King’s Son” who is sent to Egypt to retrieve a pearl from a serpent.  Understanding that this is written in allegory means that this is a story to explain a higher concept.  The “King’s Son” is your consciousness being sent to Egypt (Earth), to acknowledge itself through raising the kundalini.  The Pearl “lies in the Sea” by the “sleeping, fire-breathing serpent,” this is all allegory to explain the Kundalini energy resting in your Sacral Waters.  By snatching the pearl(your soul) you awaken the Kundalini energy and this begins the process of Gnosis.

So we have raised our energy from the roots (Muladhara chakra) earth, up through the baptismal waters(Svadhisthana chakra) of the Sacral, to be purified by the fires(Manipura chakra) of the Solar Plexus.  The element associated with the Manipura Chakra is Fire.  Fire is associated with the will, an overactive Manipura chakra would look like aggressive, controlling, and manipulative behaviors.  A dormant Manipura Chakra would look like low self-esteem or passiveness.  Once we have raised our energy to the Manipura Chakra we have separated ourselves from our unconscious behaviors, and even if we haven’t all the way figured it out, at least we know we are in the process of figuring it out.  We can no longer accept the unconscious behavior as okay, yet we do not and try to fix what is wrong with us either.  Like the merchant, we sell everything we have for the acquisition of this pearl.

And [thereon] I snatched up the Pearl,
And turned to the House of my Father.

Their filthy and unclean garments
I stripped off and left in their country.

The Hymn of the Pearl

Nag Hammadi Library

Once you fully grasp this concept, you take off everything and leave it where it is at.  No need to reconcile anything, you are aligned with your purpose.

The Manipura Chakra is the source of our divine energy, it is the abundance and also the dwelling of our Soul Power.  So really dealing with this concept will cause an abstraction in your understanding of yourself.  Where you rather deal with the idea of yourself than the actual events of your life.  Separating your personal life from the realization of your soul.  Simply because you are not your soul alone.  Your soul seeks expression through you, rather than you trying to put your expression on the soul.

Activating the Solar Plexus Chakra is activating the fire within you,  the fire needed to get you out of your unconscious loop, the fire needed to awaken your will.  Fire is the heat of life.  When a person is dead, one of the first ways to find out is based on the temperature of the body.  Once that fire leaves, you are no longer living.  Fire energy as an unconscious impulse shows up as passions, wishes, and illusions.  People spend their whole lives trying to untangle the results of failed passions, empty wishes, and false illusions.  Trying to make the journey about physical attainment as a benchmark for success.  Chakra work is not based on how much money you make, what degrees you have, your status in society, or any other external measure.  Chakra Work wakes up the God inside of you, the soul, and it is much different from the person you thought you knew.  Realizing that the soul is not you, is a very difficult concept to grasp.  This means that you are no longer living through the Ego, and this is a difficult thing to accept.

The location of the Manipura Chakra is in the diaphragm and is accessed with the breath.  The Solar Plexus is an actual part of the body that controls the subconscious mind.  We discussed the concept of the Solar Plexus in the realm of subconscious programming earlier this year.

Keeping it Conscious Episode 7 (Neurasthenia and the cure for Americanitis)

Neurasthenia is a psychopathological term signifying a depletion of the energy of the central nervous system said to cause fatigue, anxiety, headache, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, neuralgia, and depression.  The root word of ‘neuro’ meaning nerves and ‘asthenia’  meaning an abnormal weakness or lack of energy.  Neurasthenia is no longer an official diagnosis in America, physicians recognize conditions as separate disorders now, providing more and different drugs for various symptoms.  This disease is the result of living in a monetary system.

Let us look at the various symptoms of neurasthenia, we get fatigue from working so much, anxiety from not knowing our economic future, headaches, and pain from stress, and depression for not having enough “stuff”.  Neurasthenia is a disease of the central nervous system when all the “energy” is depleted from it.  So in the context of energy, if other beings and happenings are in control of your energy then you have to check their intentions.  As far as the media, what do you think happens when you give it your energy? What is its purpose? Is it to excite and stress you?


We are in control of our own energy, but we must learn about it.  So when things like social status and how people perceive you come up in your mind if not addressed it can cause mental illness.  If society does not validate you and you don’t validate yourself the usual outcome is depression and anxiety.  We live in a capitalistic society that has no consideration for your mental health if you can’t afford it.  Even Mental Health is a business.  The flip side is basing your life so deep in greed and manipulation that you crumble on the inside based on making daily sacrifices to maintain a facade.  A lot of things we want is based off advertisement, wealth differential, and subconscious mind control.  The fact that you can’t have certain things, do certain things, go certain places effects your central nervous system negatively.  Materialism as defined, a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values, has disrupted your central nervous system, thus disconnected you from God, I will explain.


Why they do it is because of the nervous system. The nervous system is the connection between body and spirit. When that is disrupted your spirit and body do not have a direct line of communication.  The Chakras are the spiritual equivalent of the scientific/medical central nervous system.  Taking time to reflect on your inner being is equated to refilling the “energy” of the central nervous system.  Thus curing the disease of living in America, Americanitis.  Understanding that this is a central nervous disease, you can relate it to a Chakra Spiritual disease if you were seeking out spiritual solutions.

Healing the Root chakra in this context deals with materialism, addiction, indulgences and how they affect you mentally and emotionally.  It’s about being honest with yourself and accepting where you are without the need to medicate or cover over insecurities.  Creating time and space for yourself.

Healing the Sacral Chakra is about you being honest about your sexual energy is it stable or in a good place.  Are you fulfilled sexually and are you honest enough with yourself and others to do something about it, in a healthy way.

Healing the Solar Plexus is based on how you are able to accept or manipulate the world around your desires.  How far are you away from your desires, and are you making efforts towards them will dictate whether you a ready to heal.

Healing the Heart Chakra is asking are you capable of giving love without concentrating on what you receive.  The need for recognition and praise is what blocks the healing of the Heart Chakra.  The key is to love and give love, without any expectations.

Healing the Throat Chakra is asking if you are able to clearly communicate with yourself in relation to the outside world.  Are you who you say you are? Speaking light into darkness, or speaking negative affirmations creating that reality.

Healing the Third Eye is when you are overthinking is blocking your intuition and you realize it.  Allow your third eye to guide you through this matrix, by concentrating on its faults, you are blocking the solutions.

Healing the Crown Chakra is realizing that you are connected to Source(God) at all times.  The feeling of being disconnected to Source(God) is the cause of all uncertainty, feeling lonely, and being depressed.  Recognizing this bridge that exists internally and eternally will answer all questions.

This is why American physicians mislabeled all of these diseases to get you off the scent of your central nervous system and what was needed to have a healthy one.  They realized that through healing your spiritual centers you could heal your whole body and they would have nobody to sell drugs to.  Recognizing that through sincere Chakra work and consistent meditation one can heal themselves of all mental and physical illnesses.  Also, that stepping back from a materialistic point of view, will ease some of the stress you put on yourself, begins to clear the way for clarity.  With clarity we reach illumination.



Keeping it Conscious (Episode 1 – Ritual)

Keeping it Conscious is an informative web series, a conscious news program highlighting the individual.  We take a look at topics, ideas, news stories and put them through the scope of spirituality, occult thought, and personal power.   In this episode, we will discuss the personal ritual and how to use it to our personal advantage.

We are going to look at the concept of ritual, outside the religious and social context.  We are looking at the concept of ritual on a personal level. Instead of being a character in someone else’s story, create your own.  By using your own thoughts and actions at a cause level.  Developing your own mind’s eye/inner vision is all that matters.  Who could reach you, better than you?  Any ritual you perform should be a personal expression of your personal desires.

Minds Eye

One of the purposes of the ritual is to interact with your subconscious mind.  The reason for this is because we know that this is where the real magic in our life occurs.  If we can impact the subconscious then we can impact our lives.  Honestly, we do it whether we know it or not.  Part of the ritual is the habits we keep.  Ritual and Habit are synonyms and both have religious etymologies.  So to say,  instead of doing the unconscious ritual called the habit, let us focus on the deliberate ritual.  The subconscious mind is receptive to symbols and the art of symbology.  Contemplate every symbol in the ritual, think about what it means, and what you are doing with it.  Every cause has an effect, so the symbols represent a cause and effect, first in your mind, and then what you would like to manifest.  Now we discuss the types of rituals.


Your rituals, like any movie, play, or books have a beginning, middle. and an end.  An opening and a closing.   In between the opening and the closing is the rite or the ritual.  You generally want to deal with the four elemental forces earth, water, air, and fire.  You want to satisfy all five of your senses with sensory imagery that is purposeful to the results of the ritual.  This can be how long or how short you’d like, you can dance, meditate, chant, talk, have sex even.  Then you close the ceremony and go about your life.  Do this as often as you’d like.  Next, we will talk some of the types of rituals we can partake in.


Dedication rites where we empower, charge, bless or activate special items and talismans.  When we were certain charms and jewelry, we may want to charge them with a special intention like: get the job, fall in love with me, win at the casino, etc.  Dedication rites can power up our items as we see fit.

Most people think someone else has to initiate them into a group, mystery school, or secret society.  I tell you this there is no greater secret than the mystery of your being and the only one that can initiate you into that mystery school is you.   Initiation means to start. Why not start the path to self-discovery?  You can use an initiation ritual to figure out your true potential in this existence on this planet.  It’s important to use symbology because the symbols act as a bridge, from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind.  So setting up and planning the ritual based upon the things that vibrate with you on an emotional high.  If you not feeling the ritual, you won’t feel the results.  Once again, our focus is to impact the subconscious mind because that is where change happens.  We use our logical mind as we plan and prepare for the ritual.  While we are in the ritual we let the emotions flow from us and power the ritual through.  The trust of using and stimulating all of your senses gives you the feeling of bliss and trance, allowing you to tap into your innermost.   Your emotions provide the ambiance for the ritual.  By performing chanting, mantras, or music playing stimulates your hearing, keeping you present in the work.



Take for instance the club.  The club is a ritual. It has dancing, music, low lights, alcohol to induce trance and bliss, perfume and cologne, the recipe for a perfect ritual.  Percocet. Molly. Percocet.

Now we take a look at the elements and why they are important.  Fire is the energy we need when we want to clear a path when we want to attack when we want to induce passion in ourselves or others.  Fire means to you what it means to you.  Air is invisible but important, it is our words and thoughts, our energy.  Air means to you what it means to you.  Water is needed for fertility, water is the womb, water is how you feel.  Water means to you what it means to you.  Earth is the material world, the manifested desire, from passion, love, and dedication.  Earth shows up to you how it shows up.  As for the purpose of the ritual, it is suggested to incorporate all four elements, because when combined they equal the fifth element, spirit.

The ritual is designed to be a personal expression of an intention.  Who doesn’t want love, money, and success? Why don’t we all get it? if it is true we all have our own source and we are the only ones who can activate it, then it is up to us to tap into our own power.


Practical Uses For Universal Law (Part 10) The Power of Forgiveness

Video Notes:

The root of “forgive” is the Latin word “perdonare,” meaning “to give completely, without reservation.”

“to pardon for an offense,”

to abandon a claim on” (as in “forgive a debt”).

Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth. [Alan Watts]

fake forgiveness (pointless) is when i tolerate you but still hold that vibration that you was wrong,
obligation, righteousness, pardoning, pretending as if were not angry when we are so we deny our anger suppress it but its still there forming a core belief and ruling your life, self righteous and judgemental

Victim mentality is an acquired personality trait in which a person tends to recognize themselves as a victim of the negative actions of others, and to behave as if this were the case in the face of clear evidence of such circumstances.

“There, but

for the Grace of God, go I

like wanting a band aid for a scar you cant see.
simply experience a brighter, happier, wealther experience to produce that vibration at a cause level.

so let us isolate the victim archetype within us

and work it out of us

we need to develop an idea outside of the drama in our lives

i know whatever you going through supercedes what im talking about

but for a second take a step back

and realize the victor in you.

and not the victim

now this information may be hard to grasp if you been victimized

and hold on to a lot of pain

we dont go about this thing dealing with the most recent pain, we have to target where the pain started, heal the core

heal the cause part of you

the magic part of you

we come to this understanding based on this

we have physical bodies

but when we die our souls live on

thus death is just an illusion

we have two modes we can chose to live by

we can live by spirit

or we can live in humanity

we create our reality by the cause and effect

The thoughts we have our causes to the effects in this physical world.

our world is a mirror to our beliefs

we only have one problem that problem is that we do not connect with the God within us on a constant consistent basis

forgive to give completely to abandon all debt to remove your anger completely from the situation

its funny how we pick and choose what we really hate and resent

because we dont hate everything

we generally hate the things that are close to home

meaning there is a deep connection between you and that thing you hate

that needs to be examined and recognize

at the end of the day nobody did anything to you

the first mistake was not creating that constant contact with the God within

low vibratory forgiveness vs high vibratory
are we taking the human approach or the spiritual approach
something wrong happened or nothing wrong happened
are we focused on judging or do we understand the futility in judgement
do we need to know or are we okay with things as they are as a way of acceptance
are we a victim or a victor that has overcome
do we realize that all of humanity is imperfect and accept it or want to change it futility
are we caught up on what happened instead of realizing what it meant
do we factor in the metaphysical reality of you or are you stuck in the physical reality
is the problem still out there or is there something within me i need to correct
is life random or do you have a purpose in life
is your life based on your personality or are you investing in your soul and following its plan
is reality something that happens or is reality something we create

16. The Law of Cyclic Return. Otherwise known as the wheel of reincarnation, once a soul qualifies for an incarnation to third dimension, there is an understanding that it must be completed. Reincarnation is that process by which the ‘consciousness of the permanent atom’ manifests in another body through the human birthing process. (This accounts for the fact of genius in the very young.) All karma must be cleared or forgiven and certain aspects of soul growth

accomplished before this entire episode of reincarnational growth is considered finished .

30. The Law of Forgiveness. This law works with the energy of allowingness, and seeing all as love, so one may dispense with the unnatural feeling of getting even. The old energy of an eye for an eye keeps the vibrations of a person very low. To forgive, to release old anger, allows the law of grace to intercede and dispense with amounts of karma an individual has stored in his or her akasha. Non-violence is the natural outgrowth of the law of forgiveness and love. All good comes from forgiveness. It is a truth that the continuation of the human species is due to man’s being forgiving. Forgiveness is holiness. By forgiveness the universe is held together. Forgiveness is the might of the mighty; forgiveness is quiet of mind. Forgiveness and gentleness are the qualities of the self-possessed, and represent eternal virtue.